Saturday, 27 April 2013

Maj Music Of The Week

Three particular songs have peaked my curiosity this week. Two of them have made me swoon with excitement and an urge to hit repeat, while one has left me in a state of confusion from the moment I pressed play... 

Best new song release of the week: 
Lana Del Rey 'Young & Beautiful'
My interest in the new 3D spectacular that is ‘The Great Gatsby’ has waned considerably, thanks to the constant teasers and overbearing hype which has been shoved in our faces over the past few days. However, with the release of the official theme song for the remake of the Fitzgerald novel, sung by Lana Del Rey, my interested has peaked. Del Rey's mysterious and haunting vocals are accompanied by a triumphant orchestra as she sings melancholically "Will you still love me / When I'm no longer / Young and beautiful?". The song speaks on the love and insecurities explored in the book and is the perfect accompaniment to the Baz Luhrmann remake. I predict LDR will be picking up a particular gold statue next February...

Most random song of the week: 
Drake x James Fauntleroy 'Girls Love Beyoncé'
Clearly Drake has been reading content marketing 101 when he came up with the song title 'Girls Love Beyoncé'. I'm sure dozens of Beyoncé fans flocked to Youtube to hear the Canadian rapper drop 'Queen Bey' into his swagged out rap, only to be surprised to hear a smooth R'n'B track with Drake singing flawlessly. Drake, you smart devil, you. Drake sings on the record alongside James Fauntleroy as they sample Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name' and talk about the relationship troubles that all twenty-something millionaire rappers go through when dating 'big booty strippers' with a penchant for being liars and deceitful. I can totally relate, Drake. 

Fav line from the track: "Get money / And fuck these hoes". A firm motto to live by.

Most anticipated song of the week: 
Daft Punk x Pharrell "Get Lucky"
Listen: Daft Punk Release

If you haven’t heard snippets of this song or seen their new Saint Laurent ads, you’ve clearly been living under a rock. Or don't have internet. The new infectious funk/electronic song from French house duo Daft Punk has finally premiered in full after numerous snippets and the 00:30 second trailer which premiered at Coachella last week. Combining elements of 70s funk and their well-known electronic sound, the addition of Pharrell Williams' light vocals completes the song as he sings, "We're up all night 'til the sub/ We're up all night to get some/ We're up all night for good fun/ We're up all night to get lucky". Daft Punk have definitely evolved since their Discovery days and are living up to the hype surrounding the track. Looks like they have another hit on their hands, and the release of their album on May 21st couldn’t come any faster.

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