Thursday, 16 May 2013

Beyoncé Who? Solange Covers Complex And Releases An Awesome New Single.

Life for Solange Knowles is pretty sweet right now. Between announcing her new record label, 'Saint Records', her debut Cannes appearance and critically acclaimed EP 'True', Solo is really coming into her own - and looks fucking amazing while doing so. The 26-year-old singer covers Complex's June/July 2013 issue and looks pretty foxy in an array of swimsuits, sky-high stilettos, crop tops and leather hot pants. And, of course, that kick ass signature 'fro of hers. Check out the rest of the editorial below.



Solange also released a remix of her song 'Looks Good With Trouble' featuring acclaimed rapper-of-the moment Kendrick Lamar. Definitely worth a listen.

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  1. solange looks amaing here! so fierce, and thanks for sharing!

    XO Sahra