Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I used to be super obsessed with ‘The Simple Life’ when I was a kid, and I'm more than happy to admit it. Not only did the show revolutionise the reality TV genre and kick-start the whole ‘celebutante’ thing (man, I’m SO glad nobody says that anymore), but it also proved to be extremely entertaining – all thanks to Nicole Richie. Despite Paris Hilton being the focal point of the series, ‘The Simple Life’ would’ve never been the same without Nikki and her remarkable one-liners.


Sadly enough, the show ended in 2007, and the girls each went their separate ways. As we all already know, Nicole became a fairly successful designer and occasionally reminded us of her comic genius; Paris’ home was burglarised by ‘The Bling Ring’, and she did a show about making new friends that no one cared about. Apart from that, both women took a backseat in the world of celebrity. Because, you know, the Kardashians took over it.
Anyway, luckily for us, Nicole’s back on the small (laptop) screen with her new web series, ‘#CandidlyNicole’, and, trust me, it is hilaaaarious. Each episode, based on one of Nicole’s tweets, is about five minutes long and follows the 31-year-old as she embarks on various adventures such as removing her ‘tramp stamp’ (which she never actually does), learning how think like a drag queen and finding a date for her friend. Ohhhhh, yes. 
The only annoying things about this series is that the episodes are SO DAMN SHORT! Like, seriously, can someone give the girl a proper show?? Please?

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  1. haha this is so crazy loved paris and nicole in simple life! xx